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Posh Update: We No Longer Accept American Express

Hello to our Bull City community!

We at Posh have a big announcement. We will no longer be accepting American Express credit cards as a method of service payment. As updates were needed within our financial system, we were made aware that we needed to change our bank institution in order to make necessary changes.

Due to some complications in the transition of changing our bank, we will no longer be able to use American Express in our daily transactions. We recommend bringing an alternative method of payment including VISA , MasterCard, cash, or check.

We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause, and we wanted to publicly let you know as soon as possible in order to minimize any confusion.

Thank you so much for your loyalty and your business. We love you Durham!


Team Posh


Top 7 Grooming Tips for Men

We know that men can tend to get a little bashful when it comes to asking for “beauty tips.” That’s why I dubbed this post “Grooming Tips!” Men want to know how to pull off a masculine, rugged look while still looking like they value hygiene, but they don’t know who to ask or where to start. Most men know that women like a man who takes care of himself, and as a woman, I can say that’s absolutely true. We don’t enjoy having to be your mother, forcing you to get your hair cut or look prepped and ready for an event. And most men know that they should be handling these things on their own, but don’t have time to scroll through endless blogs about beauty potions, strict regimens, or skin/haircare.

We at Posh want to help start the conversation, and offer a little help. So much of our clientele is male, and we want to post #WeekendBeautyTips that apply to them too! So here are the Top 7 Grooming Tips for Men that won’t take too much of your internet time!


As controversial as it may be, I’ll stand behind this statement: humans were made to have two eyebrows, not one! Maybe you have rugged eyebrows, and you don’t want to change that. Maybe you have thinner eyebrows, but they linger far above and below your natural brow line. Whatever your brow-shape, make sure your brows look appropriately separated, thus avoiding the unibrow. Most men don’t enjoy the time it takes to tweeze individual hair strands, not to mention the pain and discomfort. I’d suggest scheduling a quick brow wax. It feels like one or two bandaids coming off, and then voila, you’re done! No endless tweezing necessary! Your brows can be as “shaped up” or as “keep the ruggedness!” as you like. Our estheticians want you to feel like you by the end of your appointment, so they will make sure to separate your brows in the way that best represents your personal preferences.


As men age, they gain hair in unwanted places like their ears, back, and nose. We offer back waxes for those who want to remove the unwanted hair. As for the ears/nose areas, I’d recommend getting a really good pair of trimmers and making a point to trim up once a week, or at least bi-weekly.


Also as men (and women) age, we all experience some level of hair loss on their hairline and crown areas. Never fear! Redken just came out with an INCREDIBLE new hair-growing line, Cerafill, that has received amazing reviews. Stop by and grab the full line of shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment and wait till you see the results. It not only makes you feel like you have grown 9,000 hairs in one use, it can also regrow your hair, depending on the treatment you choose!


Some women love a clean-shaved look, but other women love a little scruff on a man. Some like facial hair short and tidy, others like the full, modern-beard look. Regardless of the length, there’s still a one-size-fits-all rule for facial grooming: keep it maintained, no matter how long it is. Schedule an appointment with one of our amazing stylists for a beard or neck trim. If you are already an existing client, this service is FREE, so there’s no reason not to stop by!


I know this is super-obvious, but it must be stated. Get your hair cut regularly. Women notice if you take care of your hair or not. If you’ve had the same style forever, try something that’s new and trendy. Even if you don’t like it, it can always grow back. You’ll kick yourself later for not at least putting some effort forth in keeping up with what’s appropriate for today’s times instead of maintaining your mullet from the 80′s.


From the guy-friends I have, I can honestly make this assessment: most men have just as many insecurities about their skin as women. They just hide behind a tougher facade. Some have scars from their high-school acne issues, some have redness, some have peeling due to dryness, some are way to oily, and some have blemishes on their back. Regardless of your skin-type, it’s worth a visit to our skin therapists to see if your problem can be easily solved. Most men have an issue that isn’t very hard to resolve, it just takes courage to make the first appointment! We have a Gentleman’s Facial as well as a Back Facial that allows time for our skin therapists to evaluate your current skin-situation, and get you on the fast track to healthy skin. It’s worth it, trust me.


We’ve all been guilty of it: strolling through the drug-store aisles and just picking a product at random because it’s convenient or cheap. You have probably bought some type of hair-goo that seemed okay-looking on the label, but didn’t give you the “look” you were going for. Hair products have all sorts of ingredients, levels of control, and finishes that can create totally different styles on your hair. Instead of taking all the time you don’t have to read through all of that, simply stop by and ask your stylist which product is right for your style. You may think this is a gimmick to get you to come buy our products, and sure, I can admit it: your purchases help run our business, offer refreshments, and pay our overhead costs. But that’s not really why we signed up to sell products. We signed up to sell our products because they do one thing: they work. There’s nothing better than watching a guy get out of our salon chair and love his hair—and the reason he loves it is because of a mixture between the right shampoo, the right cut, and the right products for his particular hair-type.

I hope these 7 Grooming Tips were helpful to all my guys out there! The one common thread in all these tips is this: just have the courage to try. Most hair and skin issues that happen with men aren’t due to a horrible problem that cannot be solved, it’s merely an issue of just making the stupid appointment and showing up!

Merry Weekend to all the men, from your weekend web-gal,




BLACKHEADS: What they are and how to fight them! Bonnie on the blog!

One of the most frequent complaints I hear from clients is “How can I get rid of these blackheads???” Sometimes, no matter how diligent our skin care routine, those pesky blackheads just won’t go away. But why are they there in the first place?

Blackheads most commonly form in areas of the skin that are oiliest. For the majority of people, this is in the “T-Zone” (forehead, nose and chin), though they can also form on the cheeks, chest, and back. The sebaceous glands secrete sebum, which is a semi-hard, waxy substance. As it flows out of the follicle and onto the skin, that’s what we see as “oil”. When you have oily skin, your pores dilate due to increased sebum production to allow the oil to flow out onto the skin. An increased pore size coupled with lots of sticky sebum is prime real estate for those skin cells we shed every day (especially if you’re not exfoliating), and they will collect in the pore opening and cause a blockage.

Contrary to what you may think, the black part of a blackhead is not dirt or grime! The sebum actually darkens due to something called oxidation. Think about when you slice a banana or an apple— when exposed to the air, over time the fruit will turn brown. This is oxidation. Sometimes pores will be clogged without a blackened area, and these are called sebaceous filaments.

So now you know a little more about the science behind black heads.  But what can you actually do about them?

1. You may be tempted to squeeze and pick at your skin, but you know even as you’re doing it you’re thinking “I really shouldn’t be doing this!” Attempting this yourself can lead to scarring, the development of dilated blood vessels, and infection. If you MUST, I always recommend using two cotton swabs to my clients. Place the swabs on opposite sides of the clogged pore, press down gentle and wiggle (the swabs, not your booty!).

2. We talked about exfoliation last week and, trust me, that is the #1 thing you can do to treat and prevent blackheads and clogged pores! To kick things off right, come on in for a Therapeutic Facial  and we can extract your existing blackheads to get you started with a clean slate. Your home exfoliation regimen will work even better then!

3. Use a leave-on product with 2% Salicylic Acid as part of your regular skin care routine to exfoliate the impaction plugs and clear the congested pores. Dermalogica’s Overnight Clearing Gel is perfect as part of your nighttime routine and contains salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and green tea. Clearing Mattifier is perfect during the day to help control oily shine while also clearing out those pores with salicylic acid, vitamin A, and Vitamin E.

4. Since I know you’re going to ask, no I’m not a big fan of pore strips. While they may pull out the clogs, the ingredients can be very irritating to sensitive skin and the pulling off motion may pull off more skin than you want!

Even after your blackheads clear up, you’ll want to keep up your routine to prevent them from recurring and clean pores will appear much smaller because they’re not dilated with excess sebum and skin cells.

Thanks for stopping by to learn all about blackheads, and join me next week to learn about Nutrition for your Skin!




September 17, 2014 - 11:02 pm

Ingrid - Hi bonnie,
love your blog idea!


Bull City citizens, the cat’s out of the bag: it’s going to be muggy, warm, and rainy for days on end! Just one glance at Google weather and I had one thought: What in the world are we all going to do with our hair?! I knew I had one heck of a #WeekendBeautyTip search on my hands!

It doesn’t matter your hair type—straight, curly, dense, dry, oily, thick, thin, fine—one thing is for certain: muggy days get our hair all out of whack! When I searched for a good hairstyle to deal with this week’s weather situation, I kept finding cute all-down or half-up looks and I felt oh-so-discouraged…..until I found THIS!

This perfect little pony is the best solution to rainy or muggy days when you don’t want your hair sticking to your face, but you don’t want to feel horribly out of style. Textured and layered is in these days, and this pony tail style delivers both! All you need is some bobby pins and an elastic; oh, and two minutes to watch this video tutorial.

With this new and quick hairstyle, we’ll never be scared of a bad-weather day again!

Cheers to the perfect pony!

Merry Weekend everybody!



THE FIVE MINUTE FACE EVENT by Mirabella! Be there!

Do people describe you as prep-tastic? Do you love pearls? Are your favorite colors pastels? Are you not really into those things, but looking to change your makeup game? Do you just want to get your makeup done for free and learn how to do it super-fast? Then this is for you, my friend.

On September 27th from 10:00am—3:00pm we are having an amazing event! Mirabella, our makeup line, has been an industry standard in Hollywood and beyond, and one of their experts is coming to do a makeup event at Posh!

It’s called the “Five Minute Face” Event because  Hollywood makeup artist Lauryl Andrae will be coming to teach us how to do our makeup in FIVE MINUTES. That’s right! With the launch of their new gluten-free CC Cream (which has received sensational reviews!), the art of doing your makeup takes no more than five strokes on the minute hand of your clock!

On top of the “five minute face” technique, we will be featuring our “Pearls and Pastels” line by Mirabella! It’s a preppy-meets-pretty look that features a pearlesque finish on classic, airy pastel color. It’s a limited line that won’t be around forever, and we will be selling the rest of our stock at this event, so don’t miss it!

What you’ll find in the “Pearls and Pastels” line is this:

1. Refreshment Eye Pigment which blends from icy to mint. Use it dry for a soft mint, or add water to create a bold, gorgeous blast of color.

2. Minted Color Luxe which provides some preppy sparkle with a yummy chocolate-mint scent. It’s a non-sticky lip gloss that gives just the right amount of glisten.

3. Cheeky Blush is a blush that boosts skins’ radiance in one minute! This blush was so well received in the Pearls and Pastels line, Mirabella will soon be adding it to their permanent collection!


Want to know what it actually looks like? Glad you asked!

Lauryl Andrae will be doing makeup with the CC Cream and featuring the Pearls and Pastel eye, cheek, and lip color. So if you want a look that is “preppy meets pretty,” sign up for your 15-minute appointment with Lauryl herself!!


There will only be 10 appointments available, as Lauryl values education, skin matching, and getting to know each client instead of hurrying you out the door! Each appointment will last 15-20 minutes. So to sign up, email poshdurham@gmail.com and use “Five Minute Face Appointment” in the subject line! 


T W I T T E R   F E E D
F A C E B O O K   F E E D