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Posh goes to Redken Symposium 2015!

Some of our amazing stylists had the honor of going to Redken’s  premiere hair show– Symposium 2015. Around 10,000 stylists  gather together to see an amazing display of platform artists, educational seminars, cutting demonstrations, and new product introductions and workshops.

The girls took lots of photos and are we are so excited to share them!



It’s hard to believe it’s the end of January! How are you doing with your resolutions? I’m back today with our final two Skin Care Resolutions for your consideration. These last two might be tougher than our previous six, but even if you follow them a few days a week, you can reap amazing rewards for your skin!

RESOLUTION #7: Cut back on your sugar intake

Without getting overly scientific, the insulin spike that occurs in response to ingestion of sugary foods (or simple carbohydrates that are broken down into sugar) leads to the formation of advanced glycation end-products (or AGEs), which cause inflammation. The AGEs accumulate and causes your collagen and elastin to harden and break down, which leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. If that wasn’t bad enough, the AGEs also deactivate your natural antioxidant enzymes, making you more susceptible to sun damage and other oxidative stress. Natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables are fine; just avoid added sugars and junk food!

RESOLUTION #8: Cut back on your alcohol intake

Alcohol dehydrates your skin, leaving it dry and accentuating any fine lines you may already have. It also decreases your body’s stores of Vitamin A, which slows down cell renewal and turnover. It can make your face look bloated or puffy, and can lead to dilation of facial blood vessels that can exacerbate conditions like rosacea or acne and cause your cheeks and nose to appear red. If you’re going to imbibe, have a glass of water for every glass of wine or beer you drink. This will slow down the rate at which you’re consuming alcohol, which you’ll thank me for in the morning! It will also help keep your hydration levels up to combat some of the damage.

There you have it, folks — eight reasonably easy things you can do to have your best skin ever! In case you missed the first few easy resolutions, here they are). Join me next week for more skin care tips and education!





The Right Bangs for your Face Shape!

Let’s be honest. Everyone who has ever watched New Girl is secretly in love with Zooey Deschanel’s hairstyle. But it’s not just the flowing, wavy locks we love…it’s those bangs. They’re not too thick, not too thin, and just tousled enough to sweep Nick off his feet.

As effortless as they look, the truth is, all bangs require a little bit off effort, even for Zooey! So we’ve scoured through the best how-to tips on the internet for bangs, just so you’ll know which route to take regarding your face shape and hair type.

So here we go!


Good news for our oval faces out there! If you’ve got an oval face, you can pull off just about any bang-type! So feel the freedom to play around with different bang ideas, and choose whichever you prefer! Just make sure it compliments the rest of your haircut.


Pictured: Hannah Simone




Square face shapes should avoid center parted bangs and super-blunt bangs. Square shapes are flattered by long sides and a bit of uneven trim on the fringe.



Pictured: Olivia Wilde





Heart-shaped faces are best flattered by either long layers that frame the face or straight-across-the-eyebrows bangs.


Pictured: Taylor Swift






A long wispy side swept bang is the best to break the roundness of a face shape. Also, never go with super-short bangs, as they will emphasize the roundness of your face shape.



Pictured: Kirsten Dunst




Bangs help break up a long face shape, but be mindful of the length. The most flattering proportions divide the face into thirds. A fringe that falls a third of the way down your face will balance your features. You can go heavy or light with them, but the length of them is the key to a proportional face.



Pictured: Christa B. Allen



And there you have it– a bang guide for all face shapes! We hope this Weekend Beauty Tip will help you finally pull the trigger on those bangs you’ve always wanted!

Merry weekend everyone!

Your web-gal,


*Kudos, love, and credit go to David Babaii  (celeb hair stylist) and dailymakeover.com for these awesome bang tips. For the full article, go here.

August 4, 2014 - 1:27 pm

Arista Spa & Salon - Thanks for covering all face-shapes, Ashley! Looking forward to trying out these bang styles!


It’s Week 3 of our Skin Care Resolutions! How many have you implemented into your skin care routine? I hope you’re finding it easy to try these ideas and stick with them. Here’s a couple more ideas for you!


RESOLUTION #5: Wear sunglasses.

The bigger the better! Wearing sunglasses will cut down on squinting, which will help prevent wrinkles developing both around your eyes and in between your eyebrows (the “elevens”). If you get polarized sunglasses with UV protection, you’ll also block the sun’s rays from hitting that delicate skin around your eyes, which leads to photoaging (aging from the sun) and wrinkle formation. Plus you’ll look super cool, which is a nice bonus!


RESOLUTION #6: Quit smoking.

In addition to the myriad of other health benefits you’ll reap, as well as the extra cash in your pocket, your skin will thank you in countless ways. Smoking deprives your skin of oxygen, which can lead to a pale or sallow complexion. The chemicals in cigarette smoke destroy the collagen and elastin in your skin, leading to sagging skin and deeper wrinkles. Smoking causes deep lines to form around your lips, age spots, bags under your eyes, and delayed wound healing, which can lead to scars. Kicking the habit will literally allow you to breathe new life into your skin!

We have two more resolutions to go, and they’re a little trickier to implement but are worth it, I promise! So join me next week for our final resolutions!





Journey of Courage: The Christa Speight Foundation & Charity Event!

One of our sweet stylists, Christa, has recently been in an accident that resulted in the loss of her leg. West End Wine Bar of Durham and Posh the Salon will be hosting the charity event for Christa’s prosthetic needs on Feb 22nd at 5pm. The event will feature a wine wall, silent auction, and a bar-lympics competition (pool, bocce ball, shuffle board, & trivia)! WINNING TEAM GETS A YEAR OF FREE HAIRCUTS AND A FABULOUS TROPHY!!

Also, Tracey Coppedge and Matthew from the Low Down Show will be there to emcee and announce all winners!

So many downtown businesses like NOSH DurhamTaberna TapasBull McCabesParker and OtisConquista ImportsAmerican Dance Festival,Other End of the Leash Pet Boutique & BakeryThe Cupcake BarBlu Seafood and BarThe King’s Daughters InnPrimal Food & Spirits and others are partnering together for this local need through catering and silent auction donations, and we couldn’t be more grateful! We’ve also seen an amazing turn out with silent auction donations from community members that have blown us away.

We’ve also seen an amazing turn out with silent auction donations from community members that have blown us away. We only have room for 10 teams of 4 for the bar-lympics so please email info@poshthesalon.com or call 919-683-2109 to sign up if you’re interested! See flyer below for full details and please feel free to forward and share to any neighborhood list serve or business that you think would be interested! To RSVP on Facebook, please head here.

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