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To Brush or not to Brush? 3 Benefits & Cautions of Daily Brushing

Some say too much brushing will break off your hair. And then there’s the old wives tale that you should brush 100 times a day. So what’s a person to believe? We stare in the mirror once our nightly beauty routine has come to an end, brush in hand, wondering: to brush or not to brush?

Fear not, friends. I’ve done some web-scouring and found some unexpected benefits and cautions in regards to hair-brushing to help you navigate your brushing routine!

Benefit 1: Hair brushing is cleansing…

Natural hair-lover and writer Erin O’Leary at Morocco Method International tell us this: “Brushing is a form of dry shampooing! Brushing your hair eliminates waste materials, including deposits of uric acid crystals, catarrh and other acids and impurities that build up and become encrusted on the scalp.”

Caution 1: …As long as your brush is clean!

What’s the point of running a brush through your hair for cleansing purposes with it’s covered in old hair? The residue from the old hair in your brush will cling to your locks if you don’t clean your brush out regularly. [I use a simple hair-brush cleaner every few days to remove old hair and particles. A few swipes down the brush, and viola, easy clean up!].

Benefit 2: Hair brushing is conditioning and strengthening…

O’Leary tells us that “scalp stimulation from hair brushing distributes natural sebum  (produced by the sebaceous glands) evenly throughout the hair, contributing to hair health and resilience. Coating the hair with sebum restores moisture, adds sheen, smooths and increases manageability. [Hair-brushing] also strengthens your hair!”

Caution 2: ….if done in moderation!

Now, it should be obvious, but I’ll expound. If you brush too often (let’s say, 100 times a day), you’ll be over-distributing all that sebum and natural oil, making your hair in need of a wash much faster. You want sheen and moisture, not over-oily roots. Make sure you brush in moderation.

Benefit 3: Hairbrushing prevents hair loss…

“Brushing stimulates the capillaries, increasing blood circulation in the scalp and transporting oxygen and nutrients to the hair stem, root and bulb. It also helps to balance the sebaceous glands by stimulating them and allowing them to breath while retaining natural oils. Sebaceous gland imbalance is often to blame for hair loss, as overproduction and underproduction of sebum cause weakening and undernourishment of the scalp,” O’Leary informs us.

I’d also add that you should not be afraid if your brush ends up with strands on it after you have finished brushing. The average head of hair naturally releases about 100 strands a day. It’s okay if they end up on your brush. Bonus: brushing before your bathe also cuts down on the hair that gathers on your shower drain!

Caution 3: …Only if using the right brush and the right frequency!

There are also cautions when it comes to using brushing as a hair loss technique. This only works depending on the type of brush you use. We are warned by O’Leary (and our Posh stylists agree!) that below-grade plastic and artificial brushes can damage the hair and scalp. The best type of brush? Boar bristles. However, if the price of boar bristles isn’t something you’re willing to splurge on, there’s a solution. To save on cost, you can get away with high-grade plastic, but make sure to consult your stylist and look through salon inventory. No drug store brushes, y’all! Also, brushing can prevent hair loss as long as you manage the frequency. If you brush your hair 100 times a day, you’re bound to pull some unnecessary strands out or break weaker strands (so the nay-sayers are right on this one: don’t brush your hair 100 times a day). Like I said before, moderation is key!

That sums up our brushing discussion. Posh hopes this helps you with your daily brushing game!

Merry brushing from your weekend web-gal,


*much love, thanks, and kudos to moroccanmethod.com for some of this material, as well as stylists at Posh who have helped me understand the benefits/cautions of brushing! Feature image credit: www.thejournal.ie.


No time to wash? 4 Hairstyles for Dirty Hair!

Your in-laws just announced they are coming in town tonight and you had to choose between washing down your hair or your house. You’re running late after work and you only have 20 minutes to get ready for your big date. You just got back from the gym and you finally got a text from you-know-who that says he is spontaneously stopping by to see you. Or you just got lazy this week and haven’t washed your hair.

Whatever your circumstance, one thing is clear: your hair is dirty and needs to look fabulous with no time to wash it. Take a deep breath, grab your dry shampoo (and if you don’t have any handy, use our dry shampoo quick-tip here) and use one of our favorite dirty-hair hairstyles we researched for you last night while you were sleeping.


The pretreatment for all of these hair styles: dry shampoo your roots and scalp, flip your head upside down while shaking out your roots, flip back over and then back-comb the fool of out of it. This will give the roots some instant volume.


  • Dirty hair holds curl really well, so separate loose pieces and use a 1-inch curling iron to curl random sections of your hair to add some more texture. Don’t make the heat setting too hot, since it won’t take much heat to create loose, beachy waves.
  • Next, gather all of your hair to one side without using a brush, and secure it into a low ponytail under the nape of your neck, says Alejandra.
  • Pull out a few face-framing pieces, and tug on the ponytail to loosen it up even more.


  • Gather all of your hair to one side and hold it loosely in your hands.
  • Separate your hair into three sections. Starting from your collarbone, braid your hair all the way down until you reach the ends. Make sure you keep the braid loose near the top and tighten it as you go.
  • Secure the braid with a thin elastic, and use your hand or a soft brush to pull at the braid and soften it for a carefree finish.

3. THE MAMA/BABY BUN: Great for shorter hair!

  • After applying some Pureology Colour Stylist Strengthening Control Hairspray, section off the bottom third of your hair from ear to ear using your fingers, and put the top section of your hair into a high ponytail for now.
  • Take the bottom section and twist it tightly. Once you’ve twisted the entire section, wind it around itself. It should naturally begin to form a bun. Secure the bun with two bobby pins that crisscross each other underneath the bun.
  • Now take out the ponytail you’ve set aside, and split it into two horizontal halves, from temple to temple. Put the very top section aside, and twist the middle section into a bun. Secure it down at back of your head with bobby pins.
  • For the top section, twist it downward and wrap it around the middle bun. Secure the ends of the twist with two bobby pins that crisscross each other.


  • First, backcomb your hair at the crown of your head to give it more texture. This will make it easier to work with and more likely to hold when loosely secured with pins.
  • Starting on one side, lightly twist your hair back and away from your face in a rolling motion, adding from the hairline as you go down each side. Every time you add a section, mist the area with hairspray and anchor it down with a bobby pin. Stop twisting when you reach your ear, and secure it down with a bobby pin. Do this on the other side.
  • Once your side twists are in place, pin up the rest of your hair, section by section, to create a low, messy bunch of hair near the nape of your neck. Use bobby pins to secure down any loose pieces of hair.
  • Mist your updo generously with strong-hold hairspray to keep it in place.

Merry weekend everyone, and never let unwashed locks hold you back from looking fresh and fabulous!

Your weekend web girl,


*Kudos, love, credit, and thanks go to beautyriot.com for these dirty hair tricks. To see full article and more hairstyles, go here.

September 16, 2013 - 9:14 am

anu - great tips thanks for sharing ……………

Transitioning your Beauty Routine from Winter to Spring

As spring rolls into town, we all start noticing how winter has left a lot of hair and skin damage in its wake. Dry skin, brittle nails, and static-prone hair need a little TLC to healthily transition into spring! Here are some tips from Posh and other beauty web-gurus that will help your beauty routine change for the better!

Toss out old products.

This applies to cosmetics as well as skin creams and hair products! Expired products can do more damage than good, so make sure to toss them after a full season has passed! A good rule of thumb is to throw out any items you haven’t used in the past 3 months. Allyou.com tell us, “powders like eye shadows and blushes can stick around for upwards of a year, and lip glosses can also transition from season to season, but be sure to check that your formula hasn’t dried out or changed consistency.”

….And don’t buy old products on purpose.

Another thing we at Posh would add to #1 is to make sure you avoid buying expired products at the get-go. That designer product you found at your favorite discount fashion store is cheaper than salon products for a reason: it has usually already expired. Buying your products in-salon ensures that your product is fresh and safe for your body. If you wouldn’t ingest expired food on purpose, why would you slather it on your skin or hair?

Moisturize dry hair.

Winter dryness comes in two forms: the chilly outdoor winds and the dry heat of indoor heating. This means that your hair has no real respite from the dryness during the winter, so replenishing it for spring is a must! You can opt for an in-salon conditioning treatment or use one of Redken’s many at home masques. [To find which mask is right for your hair-type, head here.]


During winter months, we all slather on creams and serums to help our skin through the dryness. While that’s great and needed in the moment, we usually end up with a lot of buildup at the end of the season that needs to be lifted! Exfoliating is the perfect way to lift the dead skin cells that have accumulated over the winter and give your skin a glow for spring! You can come in for a salon-grade exfoliating facial or use skin-safe Dermalogica products at home! [To learn which facial is right for your skin-type, head here.]

Lighten up the moisturizer.

Winter requires heavy hydrating to keep our skin healthy, but warmer months bring humidity that helps skin stay hydrated naturally. So switch to a light moisturizer and let your skin enjoy the much-needed natural hydration in the air.

Load up on the SPF.

At Posh, we don’t play when it comes to sun exposure. That’s why we carry lines like Dermalogica and SunBum– they are both incredible forms of SPF. We also offer celebrity-grade spray tanning as a means to give you that warm glow without the damage!

Start from within. 

It’s amazing how much our skin and hair benefits from simple things like eating healthy and drinking water. Hydrating during summer months should be a crucial part of your beauty and health routine. Healthy veggies, fruits, and lean meats are great for skin, hair, and nails, so load the grill up this spring!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our #weekendbeautytip, and best of luck transitioning into spring!

Your weekend web-gal,


*love, credit, and kudos go to the original version of this post on allyou.com. Paraphrases and additions have been added. Feature image credit: people.desktopnexus.com.


11 Prom Tips from the Pros of Teen Vogue

March is ending and spring will be in full swing in April and May! And hair salons are booked with three major services during the spring that we take very seriously: hair lightening, wedding updos, and PROM!

So this #weekendbeautytip is for the prom-goers out there looking to prepare and dominate their prom selfies. I scoured the web and found these 11 great tips from Teen Vogue editors who help you achieve your perfect prom look! Usually, I’d only pick my top few tips from multiple sources and give you a good summary, but to be honest, every single one of these tips were just too good. I had to quote them verbatim, because these editors know what their talking about and I wish someone would’ve given me these prom tips back in my high school days!

So to give proper credit, these original tips & photos come from the editors Elaine Welteroth, Jessica Minkoff, Kirby Marzec, and Sarah Brody of teenvogue.com [written by Chantal Strasburger]. I also added some photos & links to give you some visual inspiration. So, without further ado, I quote the pros:

1. There’s no wrong way to do prom. 
Remember that and everything will be 100% easier. Prom is your night to shine, and you shouldn’t let anyone pressure you into doing something that you aren’t completely and totally happy with.

2. Check out runway trends for style inspiration. 
Taking a cue from fashion week shows, one of the season’s most popular looks is all about a punk classic vibe. Opt for a black dress but spunk it up with embellishments and a few cool accessories like a choker or sparkly clutch. Finish off the look with chunky Mary Janes or flats so that you can keep the dance floor occupied all night long. [Ash here: I'd add to head here if you like a punk look with blush undertones or here for this teal dress and accessories for some Pin-spiration!]

Not one for dark colors? Try out the evening bohemian trend with a classic pink prom dress heavy on abstract prints and golden tones. Slip on some gladiator sandals and you’re good to go. [Ash here: I'd head here for an idea of what this could look like or here for something natural and boho-feeling.]

3. Make it your own with a little DIY love. 
The only way to make sure no one else will be matching your ensemble? Get creative with your own personal touch. Once you’ve defined your prom personality, craft accordingly and maybe add a little lace, cut off the sleeves, or sew on some sequins—go big or go home.

4. Mix it up with a pant! 
More and more celebrities are ditching the dress and showing up to the red carpet in pantsuits and one pieces. Think Emma Stone in Lanvin at the Golden Globes. And the best thing about them is that you can wear it to prom and then over and over again. How many people can re-wear their prom dress? Kirby’s accessory tip: Wear a heel to make legs look longer and simple and easy statement earrings to add some flair.

5. When it comes to makeup, less is more. 
Elaine’s makeup mantra is one to live by: Never let the makeup wear you; you should always looks like yourself, just even more gorgeous! So if you find the lady at the makeup counter piling on the eye shadow when you’re used to going au naturel, speak up and take a few steps back. It’s great to amp up your personal style, just make sure you still feel confident in your skin. And if you’re going the faux-lash route, use just a half set otherwise you might get droopy-eyed. Lastly, go easy on foundation (even with blemishes) to avoid a caked-on effect. [Oh, and just in case you didn't know, YES!, we do makeup applications here at Posh, with our incredible MiraBella Makeup line, you'll never look over-done!]

6. Skincare: Start prepping now for flawless skin. 
Prom stress can typically led to break outs but fear not! When it’s T-minus 5 hours until your date shows up and a huge zit appears, the most important thing you can do is apply hydrocortisone cream and an ice cube to reduce swelling and redness. Other skin care tips from Elaine: Don’t change your skincare routine 3-4 weeks before the big day.!A sudden swap could mess with your complexion. And as always, eat healthy and avoid greasy or sugary foods, especially the month before prom. [Need some skin tips before the big day? Ask to speak with one of our estheticians for the right products, or book a facial right here at Posh to get your skin all glowy & gorgeous!]

7. Hair: Switch it up! 
Now’s the time to experiment with something a little funkier and try something new. Test drive edgy cornrows, romantic braids, or a faux undercut a week before to see what you like. Looking for something less drastic? Channel a’70s siren with old-school foam rollers, or keep it simple and elegant with chic hair accessories over a low bun. [These fun and different hairstyles are our fav over here at Posh, so make a prom appointment ASAP to get gorgeous hair for your big night!]

8. Nails: Hand it to the professionals. 
The negative space trend was all the rage during fashion week—and to make sure the cool art lasts, splurge a little on a gel manicure. You won’t have to worry about them chipping and can enjoy the polished look for much longer.

9. Coordination is key. 
For those of you who like to plan everything to a T, don’t forget about your date! Go over your outfits together beforehand so that they can either contrast in just the right way, or match perfectly so you can achieve prom-pic domination.

10. If at first it doesn’t fit, alter, alter, alter. 
Alterations are key to a stunning dress. Whether you’re wearing your mother’s rad hand-me-down or hit the jackpot at a vintage store, a little bit of fitting goes a long way.

11. HAVE FUN! 
Of course our last tip goes with out saying, but remember that when it all comes down to it, it’s about how you feel and (cheesy alert) the memories that you make. So start picking that playlist that gets you going and make plans with your favorite pals, and remember to balance out all the prom selfies with a little old-fashioned living-in-the-moment fun.

End quote! And there you have it, the 11 prom tips from the pros! Thanks for stopping by, and to see the original article, please head here and check out more Teen Vogue inspiration!

Merry Weekend and Happy Prom-Prepping!

Your favorite finding-beauty-stuff-on-the-web-you-don’t-have-time-to-look-for gal,


feature image photo-credit: Maia Schoenfelder of Teen Vogue.


WEEKEND BEAUTY TIP: How to prep your hair for spring!

This winter has thrown us all for a loop. It feels more like a bad break up than it does a season due to all the back and forth and all the lingering. One day is cold and snowy and the next is eighty degrees. We’ve all felt confused on which seasonal wardrobe we should keep in our closets, and we’re tired of the weather whiplash.

But alas, it seems the official Spring Equinox is finally here, and we at Posh want to make sure your hair is prepped and street-ready for the new season! So how can you prep your hair for spring?

1. CALM IT DOWN: Your hair has braved many storms this season. You’ve put it through dry heat in your home, static from your sweaters, freezing outside temperatures, and perhaps you also colored your hair to match your winter skin tone. Cold weather also dries out your scalp and skin. That’s a lot of changes for your hair in just one season. Come in for a conditioning treatment that will calm all that static, nourish any damage caused by color or heated styling tools, and infuse moisture back into your scalp.

2. SHAPE IT UP: Maybe you didn’t come in the salon because you were snowed in all winter. Maybe you wanted to grow your hair out during the cold months while you could cover the awkward phase with a hat. Regardless of the reason, a lot of people miss haircuts during the winter, which causes unevenness and dry ends.  So make sure to swing by and snag a shape-up for your locks. It creates overall health for the hair and lets you enter spring looking polished and prepped instead of straggly.

3. THROW IN SOME SUBTLE SUN RAYS:  Not sure if you want to go all-out blonde yet? To prep your hair for spring, throw in some subtle accent highlights or create an all-over faint, refined ombre. The way to stay subtle and sun-kissed is to only lighten your color dimensions up to 5 shades above your current base color. Don’t lighten any higher than that if you don’t want your hair to look high-contrast. If you enjoy these subtle changes during spring, you can always go brighter and bolder for the summer!

4. CHANGE YOUR PRODUCTS: I change my go-to products during every season change. Why? Because my hair needs different benefits depending on the environment. What does your hair struggle with during the spring and the summer as opposed to colder months? Perhaps you need to throw your static-eliminating products on the shelf and bust out your color protectant or your frizz-management products. For styling aids, I’d recommend using our new Frizz Dismiss Line for spring– it’s an entire product line with different levels of frizz management, depending on the texture and needs of your particular hair type! A few of our stylists have tried it out and are in love.

Follow these 4 easy steps and bam–be prepped for spring in no time! And if you want any info on our cuts, color, or conditioning treatments, head to our service page or call our front desk at 919-683-2109!

Merry Weekend everyone!

Your weekend web-girl,



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