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Bonnie on the Blog: Which Facial is Right for You?

Are you interested in improving the health of your skin but unsure of which facial to choose? Let me help you navigate our Facial Menu! (To see more info and pricing, head to our Service page)

Our Relaxing Facial (formerly the Posh European Facial) is designed to give your skin a thorough cleaning and professional-grade exfoliation. Relax with a shoulder and facial massage, and finish up with a treatment masque. Perfect for people whose skin is already in good health who want to relax with 60 minutes of bliss.

Our Express Facial is for the client on the go (or a budget)! A mini version of our Relaxing facial. After your skin is thoroughly cleansed and analyzed, you can choose two of the following treatments: professional-grade exfoliation, shoulder/facial massage, or a treatment masque. Great for people whose skin is already in a healthy state or as a “tune-up” in between peel services. We’ll have you in and out in 30 minutes!

Our Therapeutic Facial is for folks who want a bit more than the basic. Perhaps you have concerns about clogged pores that might require extractions, or desire a targeted treatment for aging skin. After cleansing and analyzing your skin, your esthetician will determine if extractions are necessary, or help design an anti-aging treatment specifically for your needs. Finish up this 60 minute treatment with a masque for your specific skin concerns.

Our Acne Facial (formerly our Complexion Correction Facial) is a customized facial designed to treat acne. You and your esthetician will determine what treatment will work best for you based on what type of acne you have (hormonal, dry, or oily) and what kind of treatment plan you’re following at home. Extractions are performed (if necessary), and more than one treatment masque may be applied during this 75 minute service.

Our Back Facial is kind of an upside down facial! Perfect if you’re experiencing breakouts on your back, but great for dry skin as well. We’ll thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your back, perform extractions or a relaxing massage, and finish up this 45 minute therapy with a masque.

Our Gentleman’s Facial is designed just for men! Nothing frilly, but you’ll still get a targeted cleansing and exfoliation. Based on your skin’s needs, you can then choose from either extractions, massage, or a treatment masque. If you’ve got a Y chromosome, this 45 minute service is for you!

Our Microzone Treatments are quick 15-20 minute services that hone in on a specific skincare issue like exfoliation, aging, blackheads, etc. A perfectly compact way to maintain skin health.

Last but not least, our Advanced Peel treatment is a multilevel professional grade exfoliation service that will leave your skin glowing. This is an amazingly effective peel that is perfect for skin in need of a deeper exfoliation to reveal fresher skin and increase cell turnover in the weeks to come. Whether you are concerned about acne, clogged pores, dark spots, fine lines, or general dullness in your skin, this 60 minute service will brighten you up! Available beginning September 30!

Whatever facial you choose, you’ll get the best long term results if you follow-up with a home care program with quality products like Dermalogica.  Your esthetician will make suggestions of the products best suited for your skin type and concerns, and we offer 20% off our Dermalogica products on the day of your facial! So schedule a facial and see just how healthy and beautiful your skin can be!

Join me next week to learn how to achieve the best eyebrow look for your face shape!




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Bonnie on the Blog: Why Dermalogica?

At Posh, we take skin care just as seriously as we take hair care. That’s why we only use and sell the best products in the industry to keep your hair and skin healthy, beautiful, and looking their very best.

Dermalogica ® skin care products launched in 1986 and have stood the test of time as one of the very best for improving the health of your skin from head to toe. But the company’s origins are actually rooted more in education than beauty.

In 1983, Jane Wurwand, a UK skin therapist, started the International Dermal Institute in California after noticing the scarcity of continuing education offerings for estheticians in the US. After being in operation for a few years, she grew frustrated with the lack of quality in skin care products available to professionals. Sure, there were plenty of “beauty” products on the market, but none that she felt adequately addressed skin’s health needs and were free of common irritants such as lanolin, alcohol, mineral oil, etc. So she embarked on a wonderful new adventure and designed Dermalogica! Nearly 30 years later, Jane and her team of scientists continue to work on improving each and every product in the line, reformulating as newer and better ingredients becoming available or as scientific evidence revealed valuable information. Most recently, they’ve been hard at work phasing out parabens and utilizing newer preservatives to keep the products fresh and safe.

Two things that make me particularly proud of Dermalogica are that everything is manufactured in the USA (including the biodegradable packaging) and they have never conducted animal testing on any of their products. But what I love the most about them is how effective the products are at making your skin healthier and more beautiful. Whether your skin is sensitive, oily, prone to breakouts, or dry and aging, we can match you up with the perfect products to address your concerns and bring out the best in your skin! Schedule a facial or a free consultation with one of our estheticians to discover your new skin!

Product Spotlight: Nearly every client I see has dehydrated skin, regardless of age or skin type. The Skin Hydrating Booster can change that with just one use! Formulated with panthenol, glycoplipids, algae extract, and the powerhouse ingredient hyaluronic acid (which can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water), this product will hydrate your skin without being oily or heavy, which is perfect for our hot, steamy summers! Your fine lines will practically disappear as your skin looks smoother and more supple. Layer it underneath or add a few drops to your favorite Dermalogica moisturizer and see for yourself!

Join me next week when I’ll help you navigate our Facial Menu to choose the best treatment for your skin’s needs!


Bonnie (get to know me here!)

*Thank you to angelaricardo.com for the booster product shot.


Posh’s 2014 CUT A THON Supports the Duke Hospice House on Aug 17th!

We are SO excited to announce that Posh will be opening its doors to the public on Sunday, August 17th for our 2014 Cut-a-Thon! This year, we will be raising awareness and financial support for the Duke Hospice House. Our Posh staff will be on the cutting floor for 10 hours to perform haircuts, and we will also have spray tanning as well chair massages offered by Fuzion Massage. All services are free, and suggested donation is the amount you’d regularly pay for any of these services!

Why Duke Hospice House?  —Unlike other hospice centers, Duke Hospice operates on a totally not-for-profit basis, meaning that they rely completely on Medicare and reimbursements for all costs associated with helping their patients stay comfortable. All contributions are overwhelmingly appreciated and are given towards the provision of medicine costs, nurses, social workers, chaplains, physical therapists, and families that work so hard to help those dealing with terminal illnesses.


Date: August 17th, 2014
Time: 9:00am–7:00pm
Services: Haircuts and Spray Tanning by Posh the Salon: Chair Massages by Fuzion Massage
Can’t Come? We understand that not everyone will be able to make it to our event. However, if you’d like to make a simple donation, please do so in the jar at our front desk!

Share the event with our community flyer!


How to Find the Right Hair-Mask for You & Win $100 in Products!!

We all know that protecting from the sun’s harsh rays during the summer is a must. But that’s for your skin.

What about your hair?

After perusing through some summer hair-tips, I ran across this quote from a celebrity stylist and thought it was GENIUS! Why have I never thought of using the hot sun to my advantage regarding my hair? After reading this, you’ll know why I’ve added one more step to my sun regimen. From now on, I’ll be throwing on something else besides sunscreen when I hit the beach or pool!

Here’s the tip: “Use the heat of the summer to your hair’s advantage! While you’re at the beach or poolside, treat your tresses to a deep-conditioning mask [since we know that heat opens up the cuticle and allows the treatment to go deeper]. Then comb your hair into a bun and let the product go to work while you lounge. This trick can protect your hair from salt or chlorinated water and give you an extra boost of softness and shine.” -Gretta Monahan, celebrity stylist; cited here.

So smart, right? Okay. Now you know you can use the heat to your benefit when you throw on a conditioning mask. But I’ve seen it everyday in the salon: people have no idea which mask to buy and they spend 30 extra minutes reading through countless labels, trying to figure it out. So for this weekend beauty tip, I’ll help school you on what conditioning treatment is right for your hair-type so you can spend more time outside and less time reading labels. I even included links to the pictures, so you’ll know what to look for when you come in (I always hate not knowing what a product looks like!). All of these are at Posh, so swing by and snag one before you hit the pool!

Types of Redken hair masks best for your hair-situation:

1. Extreme Strength Builder is best for damaged, distressed hair in need of some protein!

2. Clear Moisture Mask is a basic moisturizing mask best for normal to dry hair.

3. Curl Dive Mask is best for dry, curly hair

4. Color Extend Rich Recovery is a protective mask best for color-treated hair that needs some deep conditioning.

5. Color Extend Magnetics: Deep Attractions is the sulfate-free version of the Rich Recovery mask (listed previously). It is a color-captivating conditioning treatment that focuses on maintaing your color for a longer period of time while staying true to the sulfate-free standard.

6. Color Extend Sun is a mask best for sun-exposed, color-treated hair that needs deep replenishment. Great for pool or beach-goers!

7. Real Control Intense Renewal is best for dense, dry, and damaged hair that needs moisture but a lot of hold and control also.

8. All Soft Heavy Cream is best for brittle hair that needs a moisture mask for strength building, but prioritizes touchable softness as well.

9. Diamond Oil Deep Facets is a oil-intensive mask best for super-dry hair that needs a boost from dullness. The oil in this line will feel a bit heavier that normal, so use this product if your hair is very dense or extremely dry.

10. Smooth Lock Mask is best for those who value smoothness and do a lot of straightening.

11. Blonde Idol Mask is exactly what it sounds like- a mask created especially for the blondes out there! It will nourish all those strands that have been lifted and bleached and fight to maintain your tone.

12. Salon-grade Conditioning Shots that Could Win you a $100 gift basket!: These treatments are only given in-salon and will make your hair feel like it just drank down a 100-proof bottle of nourishment nectar. I actually just had one done a week or so ago after lightening my ends, and my hair feels so strong. We are currently doing a promotion where if you buy an in-salon conditioning treatment, you can get entered to win one of 3 prizes: a basket full of $25, $50, or $100 worth of salon products! Holler!

So there you go friends! Enjoy a hair mask that’s perfect for your hair-type. It will make you feel like a master multi-tasker while your skin stays protected and your hair gets a heated conditioning treatment! Or just stop in and get an in-salon treatment and enter to win free products!

Merry Weekend everyone, and happy conditioning!


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Get Schooled in Skin Care Every Wednesday with Bonnie!!

Get ready you guys.  I’ve been waiting to tell you this for quite some time now, and it’s finally happening! One of our amazing estheticians, Bonnie, will be joining the blog every Wednesday from now on to school you on all things SKIN. She was nominated as one of Indy Week’s “best estheticians” in the Triangle last year, and for good reason! She has a passion for skin care like I’ve never seen, product knowledge from just about every line that’s out there, and skin care experience that covers every skin type in every phase of life. And just to prove how much I love her, check out the facial she gave me last night on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook channels! Ladies and Gents, get schooled in skin every Wednesday right here on the Posh blog with BONNIE! Here’s a message from her to you, just to give you the low-down on her new weekly blog column:

“Everyone knows that Posh the Salon is THE BEST hair salon in the Triangle, but did you know that we also offer exceptional facial and waxing services as well? Yes, tucked away in a quiet corner of the salon is a peaceful oasis designed to soothe your spirit while our estheticians work their magic! Whether you need the perfect arch to your eyebrows or a smooth bikini line for vacation, we use a combination of soft and hard waxes to remove unwanted hair as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Are you concerned about aging skin, large pores, or your teenager’s acne? Schedule a facial and let us customize a treatment just for you to best address your concerns. We can also help you choose the best home-care products for your skin type and issues so your skin stays ‘just had a facial’ perfect in between treatments!

So the next time you schedule your cut and color, consider adding a facial, waxing, or eyelash/eyebrow tinting service as well to enhance your new look! Here’s a tip: Try to schedule your spa treatment before your hair treatment so you won’t squish your hair as you recline on our comfy, plush bed!

Join me each Wednesday as I blog about skin care issues, share waxing tips, showcase products I think are GREAT, and explain why you need sunscreen every day of the year! Have a suggestion for a blog post? Leave a comment with your idea!”

XOXO from your beauty bloggers,

Ash + Bonnie:)

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