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WEEKEND BEAUTY TIP: The Top 7 Ways to Boost your Bobby Pin Game

You guys. When I scoured through the web to find you a killer Weekend Beauty Tip, I just couldn’t stop reading this one. So I had to share.

Bobby pins hold our hair in place so we don’t have to. That’s all we really know about these little guys. But the secret truth is that they have so much more to offer. I scrolled through Cosmo’s site and did some digging, and I’m giving you my top picks. Here are 7 super-easy tips to boost your bobby-pin game. You never knew bobby pins could be so fun and save your style at the same time, right?


A lot of us (including me!) used to put in our bobby pins straight-side down. I used to believe that the squiggly side went on top to blend with hair texture. Not the case! The squiggly side always goes down in order to keep a firmer grip!


Never lose your pins again with this genius storage idea. The size is perfect, you can see the color of the pins you’re using, and they can fit in your purse instead of a large tackle-box kind of beauty container we all used in the 90s. (It’s time to retire the caboodles, ladies.)


Spray some Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo on a pin to give the bobby pin extra grip. If you have really fine hair or hair that doesn’t stay in pins very well, this tip offers some amazing hold.


Cosmo explains this one perfectly: “If you’re looking for a way to pull back the sides of your hair but don’t want the pins to show, try this simple technique: insert a bobby pin with the open end pointing toward your face and in the opposite direction of the section you’re pinning back. If one bobby pin isn’t strong enough, try using a larger one or reinforce it with a second pin right below.”


Usually we think of keeping our bobby pins in the shadows. We want them hidden so our hair can shine in the spotlight. Although that’s a great method for traditional hairstyles, using bobby pins as hair-art is a big style trend that’s growing in popularity. So if you feel like your hair has been boring or blah lately, throw some colored bobby pins in and create a fun, geometrical look. Let those pins have the spotlight for a change!


We all struggle to create the perfect pony. Let bobby pins transform the way you throw your hair up! Cosmo says, “once you’ve put your hair in a ponytail, insert two or three bobby pins halfway inside the elastic and facing downward toward the crown of your head. Then, fluff your ponytail and flip it over for a fuller look that won’t sag or droop.”


Tie your hair in a small knot into the bottom of your braid. Slide bobby pin upwards to secure a hold. No more unsightly hair ties at the bottom of your braid!

And there you have it. Never knew bobby pins were all the rave, right?  #lifechanged

Merry Weekend everyone, and happy bobby pinning!


*Kudos, love and credit go to cosmopolitan.com for these awesome bobby pin ideas and pics. To see the full article and other ideas, go here.

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Jillian Boland - this is excellent ashley!!!! love it.

Top 5 Lazy Summer Beauty Hacks:

Summer in this part of the country is hot and overwhelming on our beauty routines. We try and try, but our hair and skin has only one goal: to fight us all. summer. long. 

In efforts to minimize summer beauty frustration, I’ve been scouring the web for beauty hacks that are summer-specific and are in a word…lazy. If we’re honest, the worst part of summer beauty routines is that all our hard effort disappears by the time we end up at the beach, the pool, or even after we walk down the street for more than five seconds. So here are the top 5 favorite time-efficient, lazy summer beauty hacks that I consider seriously noteworthy from Marie Claire:


Lighten your makeup load by choosing products that do double-duty. For example, choose a pearly lip gloss that can also swipe on as an impromptu cheek highlighter, or use colors that can be applied to both cheeks and eyes. Or get this: use clear mascara to keep eyebrows in tact and lightly swipe it on kinky flyaways to prevent the top of your head looking like a frizz halo! Want another one? Use a tinted SPF–it’ll double as a lighter summer foundation and a skin protectant. You’ll shave time off your beauty routine, and your travel luggage will be lighter.


We all love heading out for a beach weekend with our girlfriends. Except we all feel the pressure to bring all our beauty stuff, making our weekend bag feel like an elephant climbed inside. The pros tell us: “Chat beforehand to divvy up who will bring what. Let someone bring a hairdryer, someone bring shampoo and conditioner, and someone else bring the sunscreen.” This way, you are prepared with everything you need without the clunky luggage!


Marie Claire tells us “Ladies that use self-tanner, whether at home or in a spray tanning salon, know the dread of getting solution on their sheets. Extend laundry day by slipping an old t-shirt over your pillow before you hit the sack. It’ll protect your linens from any color rubbing off.”


There’s something so retro and “old-school glam” about the hats we’re seeing beachside. The good news comes three-fold: you look stylish, it easily covers up un-washed hair or unruly summer frizz, and your delicate facial skin is protected from damaging sun rays should you forget to reapply sunscreen!


Hate having to think about a hairstyle before hitting the beach or pool? Marie Claire says that “the easiest way to get beachy waves (sans the sea) is to braid damp strands into two pigtails. Leave them in while you sleep or run errands, take out, and rake a hand through them. Perfecto!”


We hope these top 5 summer beauty hacks are helpful! Merry weekend everyone, and cheers to summer!

Much love,




*Much love, kudos, and credit go to MarieClaire for these amazing summer beauty hacks. Original article, with 15 more ideas, are found here.

*Image sources: pinterest.com, lifestyled.com (photography  of #2 by Dani Beutell), and iStockPhoto.


Closed for 4th of July!

Hello everyone! Happy 4th of July! Just wanted post a quick note letting you know that we will be closed today, Saturday July 4th, in honor of Independence Day. We will reopen Monday at 10am!
Have an amazing holiday, and stay safe in the heat!
Oh, and if you’re headed to the beach/pool/lake, head to our blog for 5 quick tips on outdoor-ready makeup —no more smudgy eye shadow, runny foundation, or melting mascara!
Much love from,

WEEKEND BEAUTY TIP: 5 Steps to Perfect Beach Makeup!

Just imagine. The sound of waves crashing on the shore. The smell of salt and margaritas. The warmth of the sun on your skin. The sand and seashells beneath your feet as you walk down the shoreline. There are so many ways the beach makes us feel free, undone, and relaxed during summertime. There’s something so….natural and non-chaotic about it, right? You walk toward the pier, take a deep breath to drink in all the ocean has to offer, and then you see her.

You know, that girl.

She’s rolling 4 inches deep in makeup too light for her and you can see some sort of concoction running down her neck. It looks like some crazy mixture of foundation, SPF, tanning lotion, and bits of black streaks from her runny eyeliner. There are sections of her lashes that are glued together from heavy mascara that got sticky-fied from the salt air, and then the other sections are bone dry because water has washed them off.  Her hair is matted because she tried to keep her runway hair intact using five cans of hairspray. She’s sweating up a storm and all that time and energy in front of the mirror is literally melting off her face. She’s a mess; correction, she’s a hot mess.

Maybe that girl is your best friend and you’re not sure how to tell her that she could have a much better experience on the beach if she just used a new beauty routine. Or heck, maybe that girl is you and you just need a little guidance on how to make the most of beach days.

We’re here to tell you that summer skincare is amazing because it requires much less hoop-lah that the rest of the year, especially on beach days. I snooped through allure.com for some beach makeup ideas and I also chatted with one of our stylists, Kris. So I put the two resources together and gave you my top 5 steps to have beach beauty without overdoing it! Here we go.


Everyone knows to use SPF. It’s in most makeup and lotion these days, however, most people don’t know how to differentiate between the “good” and the “bad” versions of SPF out there. Now, using SPF at all is a good thing, but do you know the difference in “everyday” SPF and “broad spectrum” SPF? Broad Spectrum SPF protects you from both UVA and UVB rays, so always look for that term on labels. We carry Dermologica’s Sheer Tint moisturizer, (comes in multiple shades!), it’s a level 30 SPF with broad spectrum coverage, and it works wonders!


The reason the faces of women all across the shorelines of the world seem like they are melting off is because they are using heavy, creamy makeup before they hit the beach. Throw your heavy foundation on the shelf for this season; it looks caked-on and overdone. No mousses, no heavy liquid.  Summer is all about natural and sun-kissed, and you can’t get that effortless look with tons of foundation that creases and smudges easily. Using tinted moisturizer instead gives you a little color while hydrating your face just a touch. Your face will produce enough oil on its own this summer, so don’t slather it on. If you don’t like the feel of liquid, we’d recommend a light dusting of loose mineral makeup. Again, we’d recommend Dermologica Sheer Tint products. We carry them in-salon, and they are amazing. For loose mineral makeup, we’d recommend MiraBella Makeup, which we are about to bring in!


Yep, ditch the mascara—even the waterproof kind! Waterproof mascara may not run off, but it clumps together and gives you spider-eyes! The best way to do beach days is to tint those lashes black so that your eyes naturally look like they have a light coat of mascara on them. We offer lash-tinting and since it lasts 6 weeks, you’ll have many chances to sport them at the beach or poolside. Learn what one of our skin technicians has to say about lash tinting at Posh!




The sun dries our skin out. That’s just how it is. So we try and love on our skin a little more during summer, slathering on tons of SPF, night time moisturizer, tanning sprays, and the like. But all those products clog our pores up in the summer moreso than in other seasons. On top of that, our skin cells die faster due to sun damange, so we are walking around with more layers of dead skin (yeah, I know, gross). That’s why exfoliation matters so much during the summer. Some over-the-counter scrubs out there can actually tear your skin on a micro-level, so be sure to choose safe exfoliants for your skin. Exfoliate at home or get a facial here at Posh to open up those pores. Our estheticians would love to walk you through which exfoliation or facial option is safest for your skin type, so swing by any time!


Again, remember that anything creamy is going to smudge or melt almost instantly if you’re in a beach climate. For lip color, go with some type of SPF-based balm or chapstick. But if you have to have some color, we’d recommend throwing on some type of lipstain underneath your SPF balm. That way you make your color last and you’re not wondering if your lipstick has melted down the sides of your mouth!

And there you have it! Perfect, beach-ready makeup that isn’t overdone. Thanks to our stylist Kris and allure.com for these great ideas!

Merry Weekend everybody!


*kudos, love and credit go to allure.com for some of these beach ideas. Original article here.


Want dark & bold lashes and brows without mascara or extensions?

Tired of penciling in your brows every day? Are your lashes invisible without two coats of mascara? Have you ever thought about having your lashes or brows tinted? At Posh, we offer both lash and brow tinting using a natural, vegetable-based product that offers an array of colors (even purple!) and depth of shades.

It’s perfect for blondes and redheads with invisible lashes, or anyone who wants their lashes and brows to really POP! It’s also great for covering up those pesky grey brows that show up over time. In addition to tinting, the sunflower oil in the product provides a nourishing treatment for the hair.


Eyelash Tinting:

For lashes we start by applying petroleum jelly to your under-eye area to protect the skin from staining by the tint because we don’t want you to leave looking like Alice Cooper! Using a tiny brush, we apply the tint to the lower lashes before applying to the upper lashes. Most clients choose black or dark brown for lashes. Tinting takes approximately 10-15 minutes, at which point we remove the tint with wet gauze. Some clients like to rinse their eyes with water from the sink too. Any tint that is on the skin is easily removed with a Q-tip and some tint remover. Voila! You have beautiful dark lashes without any makeup!

Brow Tinting:

Brows take a little less time and are a great addition to your regular brow waxing! Color choices include auburn, two shades of brown, as well as blue or purple. Brows can take anywhere from one minute (for our super light blonde clients) to five minutes (to cover grey hair, which tends to be stubborn). We’ll show you the results and if you’re happy, great! If you want to go darker, we can apply the tint again for another minute or two until we achieve the depth of color you desire. Clean up for brows is quick and simple. Tinting also makes the brows appear thicker, a trend we can all get behind!

So come on in and let us make your lashes and brows beautiful, lush and full! I promise you’ll love it!

Stay hydrated during this heat, y’all! And don’t forget your sunscreen! 😉







*feature image photo credit: alabamalaserandwellness.com

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