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Kayla had a healthy baby girl! Introducing Sawyer Lain Adcock!

Posts about hair are pretty cool. Posts about a new baby are TEN TIMES COOLER! We wanted to let our community know that one of our incredible stylists, Kayla, has given birth to a healthy baby girl!

When Kayla told us she was prengant, there wasn’t a dry eye in Posh for weeks! We couldn’t WAIT to meet Sawyer, and the time has finally come. She’s here!

Enjoy some pictures from Kayla’s Posh baby shower and some long-awaited photos of the little lady herself. Introducing Sawyer Lain Adcock; born Friday, August 8th at 11:58am. She was born 8 lbs 15 oz, 19.25 inches long, and let’s be honest, she’s all sorts of adorable!

Comment below to wish Kayla a happy season of infancy with Sawyer. We’re just so darn excited!

The Poshers:)

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Make the Most of your Eyebrow Game: 6 Things to Tell Your Esthetician!

Bonnie here! ♬ I love big brows and I cannot lie! ♬  Thankfully, a recent perusal of Glamour and Marie Claire magazines assured me that big brows are in, and they’re only getting bigger. We’re not quite at the Brooke Shields ‘80s brow, but we’re not that far away from it either!

Whether you want thick brows or thin brows, achieving the best brow look for you is dependent on a number of things including what your brows look like now, how quickly your brows grow, and your natural brow shape. Not everyone can have a high arch and, in fact, this would be a bad look for someone with a long face.

Let’s do the “Eyebrow Pencil Test” (seen to the left). Lay a pencil against your nostril holding it parallel to your nose. As a general rule of thumb, your eyebrows should start where the pencil crosses your brows. Next, tilt the pencil so that it crosses the outer edge of your iris. This is where your arch (or the highest point of your brow) should be. Finally, tilt the pencil so that it crosses the outer edge of your eye. This is where your brows should end.

Are you ready to get the best brows ever? Then make sure you tell your esthetician these things (and use some of these tips for your actual brow appointment):

1. Any medications you’re taking internally or using on your face, such as Accutane, Retin-A, Differin, antibiotics, or steroids. These medications can cause skin to “lift” during waxing.

2. How much maintenance you’re willing to do. If you only get your brows done every three months, a dramatic arch will require too much upkeep.  The best low maintenance approach is a very natural look.

3. What kind of look you’re going for. If you want to grow your brows out, or want a higher arch, let us know and we’ll help you get there.

4. If your esthetician doesn’t do this automatically, ask to have your brows trimmed. This takes out some of the thickness and bulk without making your brow line thinner. I like to do this step first because oftentimes it’s not that the hair needs to be removed, it just needs to be shorter.

5. After we’ve completed your eyebrows, don’t hesitate to tell us if you want more taken off or if we missed a spot. You won’t hurt our feelings, honest. We want you to be happy!

6. Avoid tweezing the week before your brow appointment. It’s best if you can avoid tweezing at all in between appointments as this will allow us to remove all the hair at the same time. Hair removed at the same time will grow in at the same time and will be on a cycle. Otherwise, you will start seeing hairs just a few days after your appointment.

Schedule an appointment today and let us get you on your way to your best brows ever!

P.S.We can also tint your brows if they’ve lost color or are naturally very light to help them show up better!

Join me next week when I’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about sunscreen!





The Posh Cut-a-Thon Pictures and Results!!

It was an incredible Sunday here at Posh on August 17th. The girls were lined up, ready to cut, and the guests were pouring in! We also had facial waxing, spray tanning, and representatives from Fuzion Massage Therapy to perform chair massages!

People from all over Durham and beyond came for services every payment was donated to the Duke Hospice House! Below are the pictures of so many sweet moments. We had whole families come in, college students, and even a tiny little first-timer who was courageous during his first haircut! You’ll also see a brave little girl who donated her hair to Locks of Love in order to make sure she not only gave to Duke Hospice, but to anyone who needed a wig during medical treatments. Just looking at her sweet pictures brought tears to our eyes!

So here are the pictures. But FIRST—How much came in? What were the results? What was the tota?!

We’re glad you asked.

Thanks to an incredible show of community support, Posh brought in $4000 for the Duke Hospice House!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Bull City. You’re all we could ever ask for in a community.

Your Poshers:)

*pictures by Ashley Gorman of Blest Studios in Durham.












The Top 7 DIY skin treatments you should NEVER try!

DIY skincare is all the rage these days. And I’ll be honest, I fell prey to some of these little at-home tactics. Although the ingredients I used were “all natural,” I quickly saw changes in my skin, and NOT for the better. When I approached one of our Posh estheticians, Bonnie, she explained why my skin was freaking out. Although at-home ingredients may be “organic,” they still have natural pH levels don’t match your skin, and various characteristics that can actually hurt you in the long run.

After talking to Bonnie and reading up on some other similarly-trained estheticians,  I came up with a list of the top at home treatments you should avoid for this week’s #WeekendBeautyTip. I want to thank Bonnie as well as Veronica Gorgeois’ Youtube channel for these helpful warnings.

1. The lemon scrub treatment. This one involves cutting a lemon in half and putting salt crystals on it, and then scrubbing your face. This is horrible! Lemons have an extremely low pH and are a highly irritating for the skin. Your skin can only handle certain ranges of pH-levels when it comes to treatments, and lemons are way outside of that range! It’s like rubbing acid all over your face! (Another version of this uses a tomato; avoid that one too!)

2. Crystalized scrubs. These include any kind of sugar or salt scrub. I know feeling little scrubbers on your face makes you feel like your skin is getting exfoliated, but the honest truth is this: they don’t actually exfoliate your skin well in the long run. And on top of that, crystalized scrubs have an effect on all of us that make us want to scrub harder than we should, tearing the skin on a micro-level. Once the skin is torn, the daily pollutants we are usually protected from can enter in very easily!

3. Baking Soda. A lot of people are using baking soda as an exfoliant. Don’t ever do this! Although it isn’t as harsh as crystalized scrubs, it is an alkaline-based ingredient. The lipid layer of your face is what does all the grunt work—keeping bad stuff out and keeping good stuff in. Alkaline-based ingredients that are not controlled can compromise that lipid-layer over time and end up damaging your skin.

4. Toothpaste. A lot of us have tried toothpaste as a way to dry up a blemish. Unfortunately, toothpaste will irritate more than it will help! Some toothpastes have baking soda inside, which we already covered. They all also have soap-ingredients, which are alkaline-based as well. And then there’s the mint ingredient, which is an irritant. Toothpaste also includes silica, which is a highly abrasive ingredient. For a truly effective spot treatment, get a clay mask or come in for our Acne Facial that is customized for your skin and pH-balanced!

5. Lavender Oil. Lavender is becoming highly popular, but we’d suggest using it only as a fragrance, not a skin treatment. Lavender is an irritant, and on top of this, is photo-toxic. That means it reacts strongly in sunlight, which produces hyper-pigmentation and inflammation. It can also be cyto-toxic, which means it can cause damage to the cells of your skin. We would suggest to avoid using it on your skin, but if you’re going to drop some oil into your moisturizer, make sure you only apply it to areas of your skin that do not receive sunlight.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar. Like baking soda, apple cider vinegar can damage the lipid layer. There are success stories about vinegar clearing up acne, but it usually results in a compromised lipid layer that is chronically dry and cannot seem to receive moisture.

7. Most Essential Oils. Although essential oils are great for mood and fragrance, they don’t belong on your facial skin! Most of them are irritants, especially mint. Tea and aloe can be okay, but most others will frustrate your skin over time.

All of these DIY home skin treatments should communicate one thing to us: not everything that is natural is actually good for your skin. You have to take into account the ingredient’s pH level, if it’s an irritant, if it can damage cells, if it’s shelf-stable, and if it’s toxic to the lipid-layer of your face.

This all may sound difficult to navigate if you don’t know anything about pH balancing, cellular health, and lipid-layers. But that’s why we have amazing estheticians who are educated in this stuff and know how you to walk you through the best, safest skincare routine for your face. Book an appointment with one of them today and get started on choosing the right skincare regimen for you!

Merry Weekend everyone!


*kudos, love and credit go to Bonnie as well as this video for these helpful warnings.


Bonnie on the Blog: Which Facial is Right for You?

Are you interested in improving the health of your skin but unsure of which facial to choose? Let me help you navigate our Facial Menu! (To see more info and pricing, head to our Service page)

Our Relaxing Facial (formerly the Posh European Facial) is designed to give your skin a thorough cleaning and professional-grade exfoliation. Relax with a shoulder and facial massage, and finish up with a treatment masque. Perfect for people whose skin is already in good health who want to relax with 60 minutes of bliss.

Our Express Facial is for the client on the go (or a budget)! A mini version of our Relaxing facial. After your skin is thoroughly cleansed and analyzed, you can choose two of the following treatments: professional-grade exfoliation, shoulder/facial massage, or a treatment masque. Great for people whose skin is already in a healthy state or as a “tune-up” in between peel services. We’ll have you in and out in 30 minutes!

Our Therapeutic Facial is for folks who want a bit more than the basic. Perhaps you have concerns about clogged pores that might require extractions, or desire a targeted treatment for aging skin. After cleansing and analyzing your skin, your esthetician will determine if extractions are necessary, or help design an anti-aging treatment specifically for your needs. Finish up this 60 minute treatment with a masque for your specific skin concerns.

Our Acne Facial (formerly our Complexion Correction Facial) is a customized facial designed to treat acne. You and your esthetician will determine what treatment will work best for you based on what type of acne you have (hormonal, dry, or oily) and what kind of treatment plan you’re following at home. Extractions are performed (if necessary), and more than one treatment masque may be applied during this 75 minute service.

Our Back Facial is kind of an upside down facial! Perfect if you’re experiencing breakouts on your back, but great for dry skin as well. We’ll thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your back, perform extractions or a relaxing massage, and finish up this 45 minute therapy with a masque.

Our Gentleman’s Facial is designed just for men! Nothing frilly, but you’ll still get a targeted cleansing and exfoliation. Based on your skin’s needs, you can then choose from either extractions, massage, or a treatment masque. If you’ve got a Y chromosome, this 45 minute service is for you!

Our Microzone Treatments are quick 15-20 minute services that hone in on a specific skincare issue like exfoliation, aging, blackheads, etc. A perfectly compact way to maintain skin health.

Last but not least, our Advanced Peel treatment is a multilevel professional grade exfoliation service that will leave your skin glowing. This is an amazingly effective peel that is perfect for skin in need of a deeper exfoliation to reveal fresher skin and increase cell turnover in the weeks to come. Whether you are concerned about acne, clogged pores, dark spots, fine lines, or general dullness in your skin, this 60 minute service will brighten you up! Available beginning September 30!

Whatever facial you choose, you’ll get the best long term results if you follow-up with a home care program with quality products like Dermalogica.  Your esthetician will make suggestions of the products best suited for your skin type and concerns, and we offer 20% off our Dermalogica products on the day of your facial! So schedule a facial and see just how healthy and beautiful your skin can be!

Join me next week to learn how to achieve the best eyebrow look for your face shape!




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