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Video: The damaged hair DISAPPEARS under the microscope!

Hair damage can happen in a multitude of ways. Over-processing, hot tools, and harsh weather can do a number on us! Maryn shows you here why Pureology 21 is the BEST leave-in hair treatment from a scientific point of view. Watch what happens under the microscope when damaged hair is treated with Pureology 21!!

Warning, After watching, you’ll never blow dry without it!

Healthy hair to all,



Skincare: How to prevent in-grown hairs!

In-grown hairs. We all hate them. We all want to know how to avoid them like the plague. This month’s #skincarewednesday tip is from our esthetician, Francesca, and she shares with us how to prevent those pesky in-growns!


Any type of hair removal that doesn’t get the hair from below the surface can cause the hair to grow back into the skin. People with thicker, curlier hair are more prone to this. Waxing, if done efficiently, should decrease the amount of ingrowns because it’s removing the hair from below the surface of the skin.


You will usually see small, round bumps. Sometimes those bumps will get darker and be painful or itchy.


Most ingrowns will clear up on their own if left alone. Picking at them can cause infection or leave a scar. There are products designed for ingrowns, but the most effective way is to exfoliate the area, allowing the hair to work its way out of the skin. You can use a washcloth or a scrub.

Hope that helps you as you prevent ingrowns this summer! Much love!




Video: The BEST Sun Protection Products on the market!

Posh is well known for having stellar hair products and even skincare products. But did you know that we also carry one of the best sun protection lines available on the market? They are into charities and their products are cutting edge! Let Nicole school you, and trust us, by the end of this quick video, you’ll never head in the sun without SunBum!

Happy SPFing,

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