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How to look date-ready in 15 minutes

lipstick-791761_1280Let’s face it, we’re all busy. Our lives can feel like a constant juggling act of work, family, friends, school, and romance. On a perfect Friday night, we’d have tons of time to get ready for a date. But we don’t live in a perfect world, do we? Usually—even on a date night!— our work days go longer than expected and when we get off, we still need to run by the bank, pick up our dry cleaning, and grab a couple things at the store.

So what do we do when our real lives don’t give us a full hour to get ready? How can we pull off a date-worthy look in a fraction of the time?

Here’s a game plan to pull it off:

1. Organize for 2 minutes.

Set out everything you need. Locate your hair products (dry shampoo, brushes, bobby pins, hair ties, etc.) and set them out in your hair-area. Locate your makeup and set it out wherever you do your makeup. Locate all your moisturizers and skin-prepping stuff (lotion, face moisturizer, primer) and put them on the counter next to your shower.

2. Throw your hair up, and take a 3 minute shower.

Even though a full, comprehensive shower may not be in the cards when you’re crunched for time, you’ll feel better to just wash off the day. Even if it takes 3 minutes, jump in and out. You’ll feel cleaner. Make sure to use a shower cap or throw your hair up— you won’t have time to wash and dry it. Use 60 seconds of this time to shave your underarms and lower legs, it’ll make you feel more comfortable on your date!

2. Drench everything in 60 seconds.

As soon as you towel-off, you’ll be glad all your moisturizers are waiting for you, ready to go. Put on your facial moisturizer first, then move to your body lotion. Then finish with your face primer (your facial skin should have absorbed the moisturizer during the time you were applying body lotion).

3. Use dry shampoo and style your hair in a design that’s good for dirty hair. (3 minutes)

Take your hair down, and spray dry shampoo along the root lines. Then apply a strong hold, matte-finish hair spray throughout. Use one of “hairstyles for dirty hair” and throw it in something like a low chignon, a side braid, or high messy bun. You’d be surprised how good dirty hair can look with all that texture in it. Now that you are done with your hair, all you moisturizer is soaked in and won’t cause you to feel sticky or sweaty. You can move on to makeup now that your skin is ready!

4. Do your “code red” makeup routine. (5 minutes)

Every woman should have three makeup routines— one longer version for a formal night out, one “normal” version for everyday makeup or semi-nice events, and one “code-red” version for the days you have no time. Your code red version needs to skip the luxury steps of makeup.  Most of us do certain things twice in our normal makeup routines– multiple coats of mascara, applying foundation and powder, using two different kinds of lipstick/ lip pencil, using both bronzer and blush, or taking 10 minutes to apply cat eyes. When you are pressed for time, choose a one-step process for each facial feature instead of your usual routine. Skip all the double steps in your “code-red” routine. Choose bronzer or blush, but don’t do both. Choose an eye design that doesn’t need to be precise—for example, a general liner will do instead of the point-precision of winged liner. Use a high-coverage mineral makeup instead of using foundation and pressed powder. Choose one basic lip color or gloss instead of using lip liner, lipstick, and lip shine products. In short, pick one shadow, one liner, one lip product. Ditch the multiple-step processes.

5. Put on your best dress in 60 seconds.

We all have our favorite dress that we feel our best in. We already know what jewelry goes with it and which shoes are most flattering. We already know exactly where it is in our closet. When you’re pressed for time, choose what you know works. You don’t have time to mix and match your wardrobe to find that new, perfect outfit.  Don’t try to be revolutionary with your style for the evening. Pick what you know looks good on you so you aren’t wondering during your entire date if you made a poor outfit decision in haste.

And there you have it! Your 15 minute date-ready beauty routine! Hope this weekend beauty tip helps everyone out there who has a busy schedule!

Much love from,



*feature image: pixabay.com


How to Pick the Perfect Primer!

Primers are meant to go over your moisturizer and under your foundation (or CC/BB cream) and help to create a smooth, even “canvas” for your makeup. I’m super excited about Dermalogica’s new HydraBlur Primer, which is specially designed for dry or dehydrated skin! HydraBlur joins the SkinPerfect Primer and Redness Relief Primer in our collection so there’s something for everyone. But how do you know which one is best for your skin?


Perfect for all skin conditions, particularly dry or dehydrated skin. Mushroom extract reduces pore visibility and size while silica and specialty silicones instantly mattify skin and decrease the appearance of fine lines and rough texture. Glycerin and Sodium PCA are natural humectants that bind water in skin tissue, reducing dehydration. Microencapsulated Iron Oxide complex provides a light, neutral tint coverage. This is a great primer for everyone!


Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, this is a great primer for mature or prematurely-aging skin. Pearl powder and natural earth minerals provide a neutral tint and illuminate skin. Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide provide broad spectrum sun defense. Conditioning peptides stimulate collagen biosynethisis. Sodium Hyaluronate and Sodium PCA help bind water in skin tissue. I love this primer and frequently just wear it alone for sun protection and to even out my skin tone!


Specifically designed for sensitive or sensitized skin, this primer provides a sheer green tint to counter skin redness & ruddiness. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide provide broad spectrum sun defense. Dimethicone is a skin-conditioning silicone that protects and reinforces barrier lipids. Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil helps soothe and condition the skin, while yeast cell extracts help to restore irritated skin. This is great to use after a chemical peel too!

Whether you want to treat premature aging, reduce skin redness or simply to help your makeup go on smoother and last longer, Dermalogica’s primer have got you covered!

And just as a perk, for the month of September, receive a free gift ($50 value) with any Dermalogica purchase of $75 or more!




*feature image: pixabay.com


BRUSHOLOGY: Never wonder which brush to use again!

For this weekend’s beauty tip, I went on a hunt to find instructions on something we use everyday in our beauty routine: a hairbrush.

A Hairbrush.  You’d think it would be a simple concept–something with a handle and bristles that untangles your hair and keeps it presentable. However, the hair sector of the fashion industry has grown tremendously over the years, and due to the ever-changing fashion styles, brushes have been created and formed to achieve current fashion trends. There are so many categories now: big brushes, small brushes, round brushes, flat brushes, wide brushes, narrow brushes, full brushes, sparse brushes, plastic brushes, rubber brushes, and more! Each brush created over the years serves a specific purpose and achieves a certain look.

Have you ever desired a certain style for your hair, only to find out you can’t seem to figure out how to create it? Well, fear no more! The source of your style problems usually finds itself in which brush your using, and we’re here to help you brush up on your brush knowledge!

Here is a simple diagram to direct you toward the proper brush to use depending on what needs you have! (Special thanks to listotic.com for this amazing find!)

1. Paddle  – A paddle brush is the most versatile brush, but it is especially helpful if you have long and/or thick hair. It can manage a lot of hair all at once and smooths it down for a sleeker look. If you lack volume, you may want to consider a different type of brush.

2. Wide-Tooth Comb – Because the teeth have such large gaps, these combs are ideal for combing tangles out of wet hair without causing any damage. You might also want to use one in place of a brush if you have frizzy hair.

3. Fine-Tooth Comb – these combs are great for teasing, creating a nice straight part, and for detailed grooming.

4. Thermal – these brushes work with your dryer, locking in heat. They create a faster drying time and allow you to easily curl and smooth your hair under.

5. Boar Bristled – These bristles are gentle and redistribute oils throughout your hair, bringing out it’s natural shine. They are ideal for fine to normal hair because they also give you a little extra oomph!

6. Skinny Round  – This brush is great for bangs or short hair. It smooths your hair while drying and helps manage shorter pieces of hair.

7. Large Round  – This brush can straighten or curl your hair while drying, depending on how you use it. A larger round brush is ideal for creating volume to otherwise flat hair.

8. Half Radial – This brush is perfect for shorter styles such as a bob when you like to have your hair curved up or under on the ends.

9. Vented  – These brushes are ideal when blow drying your hair because they provide an apple amount of air flow and help create volume. If you need your hair to be dry fast, go with this one!

[quoted from listotic.com]

And there you have it, the low-down on “which brush does what.”

Merry Weekend everyone, and happy brushing!



4 Unconventional Ways to Tame Flyaways

Everybody has them. Flyaways. No matter how great our blowout or curls, there’s always a few little strands popping out and wreaking havoc on our hard-earned style. We end up feeling a little like Ariel, trying to pull our strands together in a million different ways, just to calm down the crazy pieces, only to find out it just won’t be tamed! disney-movies-001-08272014

But fear not, flyaway friends. This #WeekendBeautyTip is all about taming those renegade tresses and getting your hair back to it’s intended style. Between talking to our stylists and researching what professional educators across the country use as their secret (and offbeat!) flyaway weapons, we’ve got you covered! Here are the 4 Unconventional Ways to Tame Flyaways!

1. Begin at the start line, not the finish line.

Most people think of dealing with flyaways once they’ve finished their hair routine. Dealing with flyaways always becomes something they end with. However, you can tame the flyaways much earlier than that! If you start from the very beginning of your hair routine—in the shower— and follow up all the way to finishing your style, your hair will thank you. We offer the Frizz Dismiss product line, whose whole purpose is to dial down the frizz and flyaways! There’s a shampoo, conditioner, and all sorts of different styling aids in this incredible line. Our clients say it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to their hair during warmer months!

2. Use a clear mascara wand.

Don’t have the time to run out and grab the right products right now? Here’s a quick solution. Most people use clear mascara for a natural lash look or keeping brows translucently locked in place. But, according to some of our very own stylists here at Posh, there’s another amazing use for that wand— taming flyaway at the roots! Just pump your mascara wand into the translucent tube, make sure to scrape off the excess, and then apply on some of your most frustrating flyaways. The adhesive nature of the mascara will lock the flyaways in place with the benefit of it being totally translucent.

3. Use a fabric softener sheet.

Don’t have the right products or clear mascara on hand? Richard Marin, Remington hair consultant, says to use a fabric softener sheet to pat down those flyaways! You obviously only want to use this option when you’re truly in a time-pinch because we all know the ingredients in fabric softener sheets were never intended for your hair. This tip should never replace healthy hair products. However, this one is great for those every-now-and-then moments and when you truly need a quick fix.

4. Use a toothbrush (or makeup brush!) + hairspray!

If you’re lacking the right products, clear mascara, and fabric softener, this one should work well for you too. Devin Hopp, staff editor of makeup.com, instructs us to grab an extra toothbrush from your bathroom cabinet and spray some high-hold hairspray on it. Use the brush like a mascara wand through the root-area of your hair, dragging flyaway downward. The high-hold will lock them in place! You can also use a kabuki brush or generic makeup brush this way as well (just make sure not to use it on your face later! Keep it stored with your hair products).

And there you have it—flyaways be gone! Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

Much love from

*kudos, love, and credit go to the professionals contributing to makeup.com and more.com for 2 of these wonderful tips! Tips shortened for readability; full-length, original articles here and here.


The Top 6 DIY skin treatments you should NEVER try!


DIY skincare is all the rage these days. And I’ll be honest, I fell prey to some of these little at-home tactics. Although the ingredients I used were “all natural,” I quickly saw changes in my skin, and NOT for the better. When I approached one of our Posh estheticians, Bonnie, she explained why my skin was freaking out. Although at-home ingredients may be “organic,” they still have natural pH levels don’t match your skin, and various characteristics that can actually hurt you in the long run.

After talking to Bonnie and reading up on some other similarly-trained estheticians,  I came up with a list of the top at home treatments you should avoid for this week’s #WeekendBeautyTip. I want to thank Bonnie as well as Veronica Gorgeois’ Youtube channel for these helpful warnings.

1. The lemon scrub treatment. This one involves cutting a lemon in half and putting salt crystals on it, and then scrubbing your face. This is horrible! Lemons have an extremely low pH and are a highly irritating for the skin. Your skin can only handle certain ranges of pH-levels when it comes to treatments, and lemons are way outside of that range! It’s like rubbing acid all over your face! (Another version of this uses a tomato; avoid that one too!)

2. Crystalized scrubs. These include any kind of sugar or salt scrub. I know feeling little scrubbers on your face makes you feel like your skin is getting exfoliated, but the honest truth is this: they don’t actually exfoliate your skin well in the long run. And on top of that, crystalized scrubs have an effect on all of us that make us want to scrub harder than we should, tearing the skin on a micro-level. Once the skin is torn, the daily pollutants we are usually protected from can enter in very easily!

3. Baking Soda. A lot of people are using baking soda as an exfoliant. Don’t ever do this! Although it isn’t as harsh as crystalized scrubs, it is an alkaline-based ingredient. The lipid layer of your face is what does all the grunt work—keeping bad stuff out and keeping good stuff in. Alkaline-based ingredients that are not controlled can compromise that lipid-layer over time and end up damaging your skin.

4. Toothpaste. A lot of us have tried toothpaste as a way to dry up a blemish. Unfortunately, toothpaste will irritate more than it will help! Some toothpastes have baking soda inside, which we already covered. They all also have soap-ingredients, which are alkaline-based as well. And then there’s the mint ingredient, which is an irritant. Toothpaste also includes silica, which is a highly abrasive ingredient. For a truly effective spot treatment, get a clay mask or come in for our Acne Facial that is customized for your skin and pH-balanced!

5. Apple Cider Vinegar. Like baking soda, apple cider vinegar can damage the lipid layer. There are success stories about vinegar clearing up acne, but it usually results in a compromised lipid layer that is chronically dry and cannot seem to receive moisture.

6. Most Essential Oils. Although essential oils are great for mood and fragrance, they don’t belong on your facial skin! Most of them are irritants, especially mint. Tea and aloe can be okay, but most others will frustrate your skin over time.

All of these DIY home skin treatments should communicate one thing to us: not everything that is natural is actually good for your skin. You have to take into account the ingredient’s pH level, if it’s an irritant, if it can damage cells, if it’s shelf-stable, and if it’s toxic to the lipid-layer of your face.

This all may sound difficult to navigate if you don’t know anything about pH balancing, cellular health, and lipid-layers. But that’s why we have amazing estheticians who are educated in this stuff and know how you to walk you through the best, safest skincare routine for your face. Book an appointment with one of them today and get started on choosing the right skincare regimen for you!

Merry Weekend everyone!


*kudos, love and credit go to Bonnie as well as this video for these helpful warnings. Feature image: pixabay.com

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