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Bushy brows? Thin brows? We can school you in how to pull off the full, polished brow trend!

One of our faithful clients Facebooked a suggestion to discuss on our blog: how in the world to wade through the waters of the big, bold eyebrow trend. We took her suggestion seriously and did some research!

Everyone knows the full brow trend is in high demand these days. Even Cosmo has reported that big, bold brows are a Beauty “Do” instead of a “Don’t.” All you have to do is scroll through the “Famous Over Plucked Eyebrows” celebrity list and realize what a mistake we were making all those years ago. One celebrity was even quoted to say that her skinny brows made her look “permanently surprised from 1997 to 1999.”

But what if you’re super settled in your pencil-skinny brows from the 90s? How do you change? How do you make the switch?

1. Get comfortable with it feeling uncomfortable for a little bit.

As you learn how to plump up those brows, your face is going to look different to you in the mirror. It just is. You won’t be used to it. You’ll have doubts. Those are the moments when you need to scroll back through your Throwback Thursday posts and see how out of proportion your 90s eyebrows actually looked back in the day. Trust us, one glance at that old-school eyebrow photo will do the trick and keep you firmly planted in 2014 instead of 1994.

2. Don’t go overboard.

Sometimes when we feel like we’ve made a major faux pas in life, we course-correct a little too aggressively. Our advice? Dont’ let the pendulum swing too far in the other direction, or people will scroll through 2014 pictures of you and mistake you for Bert from Sesame Street. Make sure you get educated on how to properly fill those brows in, just to save yourself some time and trouble. Which leads me to my next point!

3. Come into Posh and let us give you a makeup instruction.

We love teaching people about makeup! And remember a “makeup instruction” appointment is different than a “makeup application” appointment. The applications are for days or events when you don’t feel like doing the dirty work yourself and you just want to have some makeup magic done to your face. However, the instruction appointment is all about you learning how to do it yourself! We will teach you all the up-to-date makeup application techniques so that you’ll have street-ready skin, eyes, and lips all on your own!

4. Use one of these tutorials, depending on your brow situation.

On the days you just don’t have the time to whip into Posh, use one of these videos below to help you out with your brows. One is for super thin brows, and the other is for normal-to-bushy brows. Enjoy!



Hope this helps you achieve full and beautiful brows for your weekend!

Merry Weekend from your web-gal,




This Month at Posh: In-Salon Education with Eli High!

At Posh, we take hair education seriously. That’s why you see pictures from local classes, hair shows, and in-salon training sessions frequently on our social media channels and our website.

We are so excited to let you take a peek into our most recent in-salon education experience. Instead of heading out to a massive class where you can only view an instructor from the sidelines, we brought in Eli High to teach our stylists one-on-one in our very own salon!

Eli High is the Mid-Atlantic Artistic Educator for Redken, covering the NC and SC areas. She has a wealth of experience and practice with hair, and we were so excited to learn from her. She taught our stylists on new curling techniques, blow-dry optimization, finishing, and product knowledge.

All in all, we had a wonderful time, and we were able to document it all for you to see! When it comes to trusting stylists that continue their education and keep up with the most cutting-edge hair techniques, there’s no place like Posh!


WEEKEND BEAUTY TIP: How to Recreate Elsa’s hair from Frozen with this quick tutorial!

It’s official: Frozen has become a nationwide kid phenomenon. All the children running through the salon have been singing “Let it Go” like it’s the first song they’ve ever heard in their life.

We all love Elsa and Anna and their grand reunion at the end of the movie. But let’s be honest, we love their hair more. How do they get those braids so perfect?!

Well, I can’t give you a personal graphic artist to program your hair to look perfect every morning. Unfortunately, only cartoons in cyberspace have hair like that. But I can do you one better: a tutorial that makes your hair look like Elsa’s in real life. And the best part? She doesn’t really have long hair in this video: she faked it! So medium-length ladies, this style is for you too!

So get ready, get set, and start creating perfect Elsa braid today ladies! Much love to Lilith Moon’s for giving us this easy how-to.

**Love, kudos, and credit go to Lilith Moon’s YouTube channel for this great tutorial.


Posh celebrates FHI 360 as they move downtown!

Family Health International (FHI) is an incredible organization that is committed to improving the living standards of the world’s most vulnerable people. Everyone knows them as one of the leaders in the fight against HIV/AIDS and we’ve just come to find out they have programs operating in over 55 countries! Their motto is “the science of improving lives,” and we’re all excited to see their amazing work up close and personal as they move downtown.

This week, FHI held an open house in celebration of their decision to move their HQ to downtown Durham! Bull City was eager to have them, and lots of businesses participated in the event including Tobacco Road Restaurant, MagPie Boutique, West Village apartments, the new Church + Main condos, Urban Durham Realty, Cuban Revolution, Bank of NC, Southside, and more!

We were so honored to be invited to their wonderful event and to bring some hair goodies for those attending. We even put together a tote full of hair-friendly products for a lucky winner to enjoy, free of charge!  See the photos below of our part in this event, and scroll through the album at the bottom to see the full photo gallery.

Ladies and gents, let’s give a warm, Bull City welcome to FHI 360!

Oh, and as always Durham, stay posh.

Your web-girl,


Photo credit: Ashley Gorman from Blest Photography




We told you all about how wonderful Duke Lemur Center is, and we’ve been so excited about #lemurweek here in Bull City!

To kick off Lemur Week, the Lemur himself came to visit us last week! We were so thrilled to have him, and we can’t really tell you how wonderful he is. We will have to simply show you!

He posed for the camera and even sat in one of our salon chairs with a cape on, ready for his makeover. At the end of the fun, we took a picture of the Lemur with our Posh team before he moved on to the next business.

We hope this week has raised awareness about the state of lemurs in the world as the most endangered mammal group, and we hope it has inspired people to stay active in keeping these amazing creatures alive and happy!

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