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Video: How to keep moisture locked in during dry winter months!

Winter is filled with some amazing things— toasting marshmallows, holiday travels, warm cider, and of course, collecting new trendy scarves! But winter also brings with it dry harsh weather that takes a toll on our hair. We crank up the heat (which is dry heat!) in our cars and houses and it only makes the static and dryness worse. Today Laura is going to school us on the proper products to use during dry months to help our hair retain as much moisture as possible:


Laura’s Moisture Tip for Winter Hair from Ashley Gorman on Vimeo.

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VIDEO: Leah on traveling smart over the holidays!

The Thanksgiving holiday is coming up quick, and we all are having to start planning how we’re going to pack for our holiday travels! When it comes to traveling via plane, there’s bag-size requirements to think about, weight limitations, and carry-on standards galore! Your beauty products can be one less thing on your mind this holiday season if you travel smart– swing by Posh and grab the travel-size versions of all your favorite products including shampoo, conditioners, styling aids, skincare, and even makeup! Listen as Leah gives you the downlow:

Leah’s Travel Tip from Posh the Salon on Vimeo.

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Two Tips for Dry Hair!

Fall is officially here and with the change in weather comes an unwanted issue we all face: dryness in our hair! As we crank up our heaters in our car and at home, dry heat affects our hair and strips it of moisture. This weekend, enjoy two tips to help with all that dryness. One is an at home tip and one is a product tip!

1. Don’t wash your hair as often

In the fall, as your hair goes through a dry spell, try not to wash it as often. Try to extend your “no washing” routine by a day or so, letting your hair receive the natural oils produced by your body. This is a great, natural way to lock in moisture over time. Warmer seasons bring with them humidity and moisture, which make your hair feel greasier faster throughout the week. However, cooler seasons bring air that lacks moisture, so your hair can make an extra day without a wash!

2. Use a Hydration-based product 3061912

We’d recommend using a product line like Pureology’s Hydrate. With a shampoo, conditioner, and many styling aids dedicated to infusing moisture and fighting dryness, the Hydrate line is perfect! It’s actually part of a holiday pack right now at Posh that comes with a whole kit of products, great as a gift or stocking stuffer!

And there you have it– an at-home tip and a product suggestion to help your hair stay moisturized during dry seasons!

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